Cute Tabby Cat Tofu Litter (6L)

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(BUNDLE OF 8) Cute Tabby Cat Tofu Litter (6L)

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Say bye-bye to smelly cat poo and enjoy a clean and nice-smelling home!


6 Litre premium tofu cat litter strips in charcoal scent. 100% natural, long-lasting freshness to neutralise odour.


All bags are vacuum-packed!

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Tofu Litter Strip Features

- Made with natural and food grade ingredients

- Non-toxic

- Highly effective on controlling odour

- Highly absorbent and clumps quickly for easy scooping (leaving behind a dry and comfy bed of litter)

- Super low dust, low tracking

- 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly

- Long-lasting fragrance

- Lightweight

- Flushable in toilet in small quantities

- Gentle on paws

- Suitable for all stages - kittens and cats


Usage Directions


Fill litter box with litter up to a height of 5cm

Scoop out litter clumps and dispose once or twice daily

Replenish litter box with litter to maintain a height of 5cm


Storage Directions


Avoid direct sunlight

Store in cool and dry areas

Ensure bag is sealed after each use to prevent moisture retention


Product Weight: 2.5kg/bag