CIAO Chu-ru Chicken Festive Pack Cat Treat 14g X 50

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CIAO Chu-ru Chicken Festive Pack Cat Treat 14g X 50

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No. 1 of Japan's best-selling cat treats, Ciao Churu is a delicious liquid snack that helps replenish the body of your cats with fluid loss. You can feed your cat directly with the liquid paste, or you can add it to your cat 's food for an additional taste to entice your cat to consume its meals. Available in 10 delicious flavors, it must be loved by your finicky cats! If, like many owners of a cat, You'll certainly want to check out Ciao Churu Bonito Cat Treats, if you prefer your cat treats to be grain- and preservative-free. They are made exclusively with ingredients of human quality and each treat contains the extract of green tea for anti-oxidant benefits.

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  • 10 sachets of each chicken based flavour
  • Liquid snack to help replenish fluid loss in your kitty’s body
  • Great for finicky cats!
  • Japan’s No. 1 selling cat treats
  • Contains green tea extracts
  • Anti-odour properties
  • Suitable for all life stages


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